Our Products

We manufacture the following Patent and Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicines.

Diabit Compound Tablets
Assures optimum quality of life to the Diabetics by its unique combination . Controls Hyperglycemia and Glycosuria by optimized release of Insulin
Prolapse-K-UR Tablets
Cures Prolapse uterus and rectum. Reduces local congestion, inflammation and shrinks swollenAno rectal and pile tissues
Freelax Tablets
Promotes smooth evacuation in piles, stimulates appetite and hence improves digestion
Extone Capsules
Corrects any sexual disorders, stimulates spermatogenesis
Rufen Capsules
Relieves stiffness in joints and muscles, backache and sprains
Nortem Tablets
Normalises elevated body temperature and controls intermittent fever
Sputex Tablets
Used for all types of coughs. Reduces viscosity of sputum and promotes easy evacuation
Enterex Tablets
Checks intestinal infections and reduces frequency of motions

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