About Us

Our vision

Prakash Pharmaceuticals established in 1969 with an objective to make an Ayurvedic products of impeccable quality started manufacturing on loan licence to serve the needy based on my experience as general practitioner for more than 50 years which brings together this rich experience shared with my son’s qualified Ayurveda and Pharmacy education offered truly world class products to its valued customers we setup a state-of-the art manufacturing plant at Shivamogga in 1992 Karnataka, complemented with sophisticated product testing facilities in fact, PP is establishing a new generation R&D centre that will feature cutting edge technology and set new standards in the industry.

Significantly PP is simultaneously working towards certification of excellence. Today PP formulation are synonymous with purity efficacy and consistent quality marketed under PP brand, these products include Diabit Compound Tablets, Prolapse-K-UR Tablets, Freelax Tablets, Extone Capsules, Rufen Capsules, Nortem Tablets, Sputex Tablets, Enterex Tablets. The company’s quest for quality is reflected in the extreme care it takes in making each formulation. Likewise, herbs of the precise genus and standards, as specified in the authoritative Ayurveda Pharmacopoeia are incorporated in the preparations, therefore it is no surprise to learn that PP is also one of the largest suppliers of products the Govt. and leading Ayurvedic colleges and medical institutions.